group introduction-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 group introduction-ayx爱游戏官网注册
group introduction

shanghai dazhong public utilities (group) co., ltd. (“dzug”) was established on december 24, 1991, in the original name of shanghai pudong dazhong taxi co., ltd., which was the first joint-stock company in chinese taxi industry, and also the first listed company after the establishment of pudong new area. the company’s stock was officially listed on shanghai stock exchange on march 4, 1993 (stock code: 600635). the company's overseas listed foreign shares (h stock) were listed on the main board of the hong kong stock exchange on december 5, 2016 (stock code:

over the three decades of business development, the company evolved, simultaneously with the opening of shanghai’s pudong new area, from the first listed transportation enterprise to an investment holding company focusing on public utilities and financial investments. as of december 31, 2021, the company’s total assets stood at rmb 24.075 billion, and its net assets reached rmb 10.016 billion, with the market capitalization of rmb 11.190 billion. a total of rmb 3.632 billion has been paid to shareholders in cash and bonus shares.

the gas sector is dzug’s core business. shanghai dazhong gas co., ltd., dzug’s subsidiary, is a large urban gas enterprise that engages in the transmission, sales and services of gas business, whose market share accounts for nearly 40% of shanghai’s gas sales market. shanghai dazhong gas also sees almost 2 million gas end-users. nantong dazhong gas co., ltd. is the sole pipeline gas supplier in nantong city of jiangsu province, it has 500,000 household users. shanghai dazhong run logistics shares co., ltd. is largest scale third-party lpg distribution company in shanghai with the qualification of hazardous mmaterial transportation (gases ii).

the environment & infrastructure sector is dzug’s rapidly-growing industrial sector. currently, the sector covers the areas of sewage treatment, tunnel and road construction, etc., through the operation of shanghai dazhong jiading sewage treatment co., ltd., jiangsu dazhong water group co., ltd., shanghai xiangyin road tunnel, etc.

the financial investment sector is dzug’s strongly-pushed sector, following the flourishing in capital markets during the recent years. in the local financial industry, the group owns shanghai dazhong financial leasing co., ltd. and shanghai dazhong transportation commerce co., ltd. the company has already invested in the equities of enterprises in the areas of banking, securities, funds, and financial enterprise equity, etc., and the ones that plan to be listed in the foreseeable future. moreover, the company owns multiple venture capital platforms, i.e. the wholly-owned “dazhong capital”, the partially-owned “shenzhen capital group”, “huacan fund”, “dacheng huicai fund”, “xingye vc”. the group has invested and cultivated over 200 listed enterprises via direct investment and the vc platforms.

since its listing, the company has created a fine corporate image. the company has been awarded the honor of “top-100 listed companies golden bull award for shareholder returns”, “top-10 listed enterprises for being socially responsible”, “integrity creation enterprises”, “china financing grand award”, “financial market’s classic cases” for multiple times. in addition, the company has been selected as the “shanghai’s top-100 enterprises” for many years consecutively.