staying true to the mission and ensuring safety-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 staying true to the mission and ensuring safety-ayx爱游戏官网注册
staying true to the mission and ensuring safety

in recent years, the state has strengthened the supervision of all aspects of production safety, especially for the production and transportation of hazardous chemicals, a series of regulations and measures have been issued. according to the national safety policies and standards, dzug has always adhered to the principle of "safety first, prevention-oriented, comprehensive management", strengthened the supervision and management of production safety, strictly implement the safety management system of one position with two responsibilities. each subsidiary breaks down the safety work to the end vertically and horizontally. dazhong run is responsible for the distribution of liquefied gas cylinders, which is closely related to people's livelihood. the task is arduous and the responsibility is significant. dazhong run strictly adheres to national standards and safety work requirements, always putting safety production at the first place, always adhering to the principle of "focusing on industry safety, strengthening system and job safety", not missing any risks and any hidden dangers. the liquefied gas cylinder distribution work has been effective and has become a benchmark in the industry.

on the morning of july 3rd, cctv interviewed dazhong run in terms of the liquefied gas distribution, and conducted a report on the safety management of bottled lpg in shanghai on the cctv finance channel on the afternoon of july 4th. the report indicates a series of lpg distribution processes such as unified distribution, standardized gas exchange, and home security inspection, demonstrating the scale, standardization, and professionalism of dazhong’s distribution work. on the afternoon of july 3rd, wang baoping, executive director of the group and leader of the safety production management team, zhang rongzheng, assistant to ceo and manager of dazhong run, and he zhou, executive vice general manager of dazhong run jointly conducted a comprehensive safety inspection of the entire process of liquefied gas distribution. the safety awareness, risk awareness, and responsibility awareness of all employees were further enhanced.

dazhong run has a total of 110 lpg delivery vehicles, all of which are equipped with gps and driving recorder. the carriages are all separated from the driver's cab. the carriages are equipped with steel cylinder fixing facilities, and there are diversion holes at the bottom of the carriages. the interior and head of the vehicle are equipped with real-time video monitoring. at the same time, the vehicles are equipped with facial recognition real-time monitoring equipment, and vehicles under unusual condition will receive voice reminders. all vehicles meet the hazardous materials transportation act. there are 220 distribution employees, all of whom, in addition to possessing the qualification certificate for the hazardous chemical transportation, must also obtain the qualification certificate matching the transportation of liquefied petroleum gas, and the rate of holding the certificate reaches 100%. the company distributes approximately 1.5 million bottles annually, with a cumulative distribution of over 10 million bottles. the delivery personnel have consistently installed, inspected, and informed users about the safety of liquefied gas cylinders after delivering gas to their doorstep, further ensuring the safety of gas use and receiving unanimous praise from the majority of users.

the group requires all subsidiaries to learn from dazhong run, always tighten the string of safety production, compact safety responsibilities, firmly establish the concept of safety development, strengthen risk prevention and control, and ensure orderly safety production work.