facing new challenges and building a new dynamic-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 facing new challenges and building a new dynamic-ayx爱游戏官网注册
facing new challenges and building a new dynamic- dazhong public utilities held the 2023 annual working conference

on the afternoon of february 10th, dazhong public utilities group held the annual working conference in the peony hall of the dazhong building. chairman yang guoping, ceo liang jiawei, leaders in charge of each sector, middle-level managers and management teams of the subsidiaries attended the meeting. mr. liang jiawei, ceo of the group, presided over the meeting. 

mr. jiang yun, cfo of the group, introduced and analysed the economic activities of the group in 2022. mrs. zhang rongzheng, mr. li weitao, mr. jin bo and mr. wang baoping, who are the leaders in charge of each business sector, made speeches respectively for the operation of logistics, finance, municipal environment and gas sector as well as the working plan in year 2023.

mr. liang jiawei, ceo of the group, made a report on the annual operation of 2022 at the meeting. he analysed the impacts of the international environment and domestic epidemic on the group’s businesses, emphasised the key working points in 2023 are to adhere to normalization of management, internal control enforcement and safety guarantee. he also pointed out that the development strategies of public utilities and financial venture capital are equally important and should be carried out unswervingly.

mr. yang guoping, chairman of the group, made an important speech entitled “facing new challenges and building a new dynamic” at the meeting, and emphasised entrepreneurial concept of serving the public. he summarized the arduous developing process of the company from three aspects of “reviewing, looking forward, countermeasures and missions”, analysed the current severe and complex international and domestic economic situation, and made plans and deployment for the development directions of the company in 2023. the chairman stressed the adherence to the trend of sustainable development, development strategy driven by public utilities and financial venture capital, constant ability in resisting internal and external risks. 

in the speech, mr. yang guoping specially introduced chatgpt, an artificial intelligence language program, and quoted a number of questions related to the public utilities answered by chatgpt. it is implied that the group should closely follow the times on the road of development, integrate the business activities of the company with internet technology more closely so as to promote the soft power and influence of “dazhong” brand.