new energy logistics vehicle to meet high-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 new energy logistics vehicle to meet high-ayx爱游戏官网注册
new energy logistics vehicle to meet high-quality development opportunities shanghai dazhong public utilities group and new gonow signed a strategic cooperation agreement

with the development trend of urban distribution logistics, and the promotion of the national "dual carbon" strategy and the reform of automobile industry, the new energy logistics vehicles are embracing the market opportunity of high quality and high speed development

on the afternoon of november 11, dzug and zhejiang new gonow group co., ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in dazhong building. yang guoping, chairman of dzug, liang jiawei, ceo of dzug, jia weiling, vice president of dazhong transportation group, li weitao, chief administrative officer of dzug and assistant president zhang rongzheng, miao xuezhong, chairman of new gonow group, li feng, senior vice president, jin lanchun, chief financial officer and other leaders attended the ceremony. the two sides, in line with the purpose of win-win cooperation, will seek interactive development in the customization, procurement, use, leasing and operation of new energy commercial vehicles. both sides help the yangtze river delta region, especially the shanghai region, to reduce carbon.

new gonow group is an enterprise mainly engaged in the development of the whole industry chain of recreation vehicles and new energy vehicles, which has three major sectors of recreation vehicle intelligent manufacturing, new energy vehicle intelligent manufacturing and financial leasing, and has its own new energy research institute and recreation vehicle research institute, which develop and operate the manufacturing and internet platform of shared recreation vehicles and new energy logistics vehicles. new gonow group is the first enterprise in zhejiang province and the third enterprise in china to obtain the production qualification of new energy commercial vehicles.

strategic cooperation with new gonow group will help dzug to gain more business opportunities in urban distribution, financial leasing and other fields.

data show that in 2021, domestic sales of new energy logistics vehicles exceeded 130,000, with a year-on-year growth of about 125.6%, which is in a period of rapid growth.。

in the implementation plan of shanghai promoting multimodal transport development, optimizing and adjusting transport structure issued in october 2022, it is clear that by 2025, 100% of new urban logistics vehicles will use new energy or clean energy; in the "implementation plan for promoting the development of multimodal transport, optimizing and adjusting transport structure in shanghai" issued in the same month, it was also mentioned that energy-saving and emission reduction projects for transportation logistics should be carried out, and all new energy vehicles should be used in principle for new or updated vehicles in the public sphere.

it is expected that with the joint promotion of policy and new energy technology, the new energy logistics vehicle industry will create a high-quality development track and attract more attention from enterprises and markets.