group leaders console grass-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 group leaders console grass-ayx爱游戏官网注册
group leaders console grass-roots staff on hot days

after greater heat, shanghai suffered continuous days of scorching weather. on the afternoon of july 28, president liang jiawei, party secretary and chief administrative officer li weitao and other leaders went to dazhong jiading and dazhong run to console the employees fighting on the frontline and send them heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies.

at dazhong jiading, mr. liang jiawei and li weitao talked cordially with the staff from machine repair room, testing room, and central control room. he affirmed their spirit of not submitting to the high temperature and sticking to their posts, and urged them to put safety in the first place, alternate work with rest and keep healthy. after that, the delegation checked jiading sewage plant to understand the specific situation of the plant at the risk of heatstroke.

at dazhong run, mr. liang jiawei and li weitao kindly consoled the staff of the freight fleet, the supply chain, the handling yard, the dispatching room and other departments, and gave them heatstroke prevention items. he communicated on the grassroots work at the scene, and told everyone to take heatstroke prevention and cooling measures in the hot season, pay attention to driving safety, and reasonably manage the time of work and rest.

on august 1, vice president jin bo went to xiangyin road tunnel and consoled the employees of a maintenance company that were working in tunnels.