dzug held the 2022 interim work conference-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 dzug held the 2022 interim work conference-ayx爱游戏官网注册
dzug held the 2022 interim work conference

from july 19 to july 28, the group held the 2022 interim work conference of gas sector, environment sector, self-operated finance and other business sectors, and external investment sector respectively on the 21st floor of dazhong building. chairman yang guoping, president liang jiawei, leaders in charge of business division, heads of department and all management team attended the meeting.

at the meeting, the managers and chief financial officers of the companies in each business division made operation reports and financial analysis reports respectively around the work in the first half of the year, and analyzed in detail the economic activities of the subsidiaries in the first half of the year, the completion of business indicators and the work ideas in the second half of the year.

president liang jiawei affirmed the positive response to the impact of the pandemic in the first half of the year and the efforts made to manage business. he also arranged the key work in the second half year.

after listening to the business operation and financial analysis report of each business division, the chairman yang guoping put forward the 16-word policy for the second half of the year: live within means, take on full responsibility for the success of a business, keep the position and improve quality. in terms of different business sector, the chairman analysed the current economic and political situation, the challenges faced by the industry and the corresponding countermeasures. the chairman pointed out that the group’s business objectives remain unchanged this year, and the annual budget targets remain unchanged. in the current situation, each company should focus on risk prevention, and keep a good situation in cash flow, debt ratio and other indicators. at the same time, each company should compare with the group's "14th five-year plan", select good benchmark enterprises, and improve the quality of operation, management, market and other aspects.