win the “golden round table” award, dzug march ahead with reputation in 2019-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 win the “golden round table” award, dzug march ahead with reputation in 2019-ayx爱游戏官网注册
win the “golden round table” award, dzug march ahead with reputation in 2019

from december 20th to 21th, 2019, the 15th "golden round table award" of listed companies hosted by the magazine《the board》was held in nanjing. through all-round and objective examination and investigation to the thousands of listed companies, and through layer upon layer screening and public voting, dzug broke through the encirclement and won the "value creation award of the board ", chairman of the board , yang guoping won the "entrepreneurship award", vice president and secretary,  jin bo won the title of "the first legendary secretary", and securities affairs representative, cao jing won the " good assistant of secretary of the board award".

《the board》is the only professional financial media with corporate governance and board construction as the core content in china, which has a wide influence in the capital market. its "golden round table award" is an important benchmark of the governance level of china's listed companies, and is recognized as the first award of the board of china's listed companies. in recent years, under the clear strategic guidance and strong support of the board, dzug adheres to the development strategy of "public utilities and financial venture capital go hand in hand", taking the continuous consolidation of the main business of public utilities as the leader, taking the layout, innovation and high-quality project investment as the main line to boost high-quality development, and the company's business performance has steadily improved. the board of the company continues to strengthen its own construction, earnestly and diligently perform its duties, promote the implementation of major decisions, improve the system and process construction, strengthen the scientificity and transparency of various decisions, improve the quality of information disclosure of the company, and promote the mechanism innovation and governance optimization of the company.

after the "second china excellent ir best case award", 2019 "interface gold medal - annual value enterprise", "glonhui - the first best hong kong listed company in greater china with the most social responsibility award", "2019 shanghai top 100 enterprises", "2019 just wealth one star enterprise", dzug once again won four awards. in 2019, dzug won lots of awards from the aspects of stable corporate governance, high-quality performance development, and advocating social responsibility, which also means that the level of corporate governance and the creation of corporate value have won the favor of the capital market.