the 20th anniversary celebration of shenzhen capital group co., ltd. was solemnly held-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 the 20th anniversary celebration of shenzhen capital group co., ltd. was solemnly held-ayx爱游戏官网注册
the 20th anniversary celebration of shenzhen capital group co., ltd. was solemnly held

on the afternoon of august 26, 2019, shenzhen capital group co., ltd.(scgc) held a 20th anniversary theme event in shenzhen solemnly, summarizing the 20-year process of promoting innovation and entrepreneurship , and leading the development of venture capital industry.

scgc was founded by shenzhen municipal government on august 26, 1999 with the participation of social capital. over the past two decades, scgc had shouldered the historical mission of cultivating national industries, promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and promoting the development of high-tech industries. in terms of management scale, scgc had reached 347.2 billion yuan. in terms of investment projects, scgc had approached tens of thousands of projects, with 1,016 projects invested and a total investment of 45.2 billion yuan. the investments covered 28 provincial administrative regions in china, as well as the united states, israel, japan, germany, the united kingdom etc. in terms of project exits, the number of scgc’s investments listed in the open capital market at home and abroad had reached 151. scgc has been ranking first in all kinds of authoritative lists for many years. it has become a leading local venture capital enterprise and plays a decisive role in the industry. 

as an important initiator and shareholder of scgc, dzug has always been firmly optimistic about the development of scgc. this time, chairman of dzug, yang guoping, and president of dzug, liang jiawei, jointly attended the celebration of the 20th anniversary of scgc. as a representative of shareholders and vice-chairman of scgc, chairman yang guoping was invited to attend the dialogue with scgc's first president, kan zhidong, the second designated chairman jin haitao, the fourth president sun dongsheng and galaxy holding group’s president yao huiqiong, discussing "scgc and i for 20 years", looking back and sending words to the future.

li zibin, former mayor of shenzhen, former deputy director of the national development and reform commission and president of china association of small and medium-sized enterprises, liu qingsheng, member of shenzhen’s standing committee and vice mayor of shenzhen, li lianhe, former vice chairman of shenzhen cppcc, chen chunyan, secretary-general of china securities investment fund association, jia xingdong, director-general of shenzhen bureau of industry and information technology, yu gang, director of shenzhen sasac and secretary of the party committee, zhang sufen, inspector of shenzhen finance bureau, and several leaders of shenzhen stock exchange, shenzhen science and technology creation commission and financial bureau, and scgc shareholders, fund investors, invested enterprises and partners all attended the event. some former scgc leaders, retired employees and the entire staff also participated in the event.