dzug was 2019 "interface gold medal award -ayx爱游戏官网注册

 dzug was 2019 "interface gold medal award -ayx爱游戏官网注册
dzug was 2019 "interface gold medal award - annual value enterprise"

on may 24, 2019, the 2019 "interface gold medal award" ceremony held by shanghai united media group and jiemian news ended successfully in shanghai. after nearly five months and several rounds of elimination, nearly 300 representatives of the shortlisted enterprises attended the ceremony and witnessed the unveiling of eight annual capital market awards.

in 2018, jiemian news first launched "jiemian gold medal award", which immediately became a high-profile annual topic in the capital market and was actively participated by many listed companies and spread widely. with the purpose and successful experience of "creating the sustainable value" in 2018, and combining with some outstanding problems and long-term goals of capital market in 2018, this year's selection finally focuses on "returning sustainable value with innovation". in order to realize this mission, this year's gold medal has been further enhanced in four aspects: selection dimension, assessment factor, social participation, and evaluation expert lineup.

after nearly five months of comprehensive data factor performance, online voting ranking, and expert opinions of the judges, 2019 interface gold medal award finally released eight annual capital market awards, and public public won 2019 "interface gold medal award -- annual value enterprise".