dzug holds 2018 annual result announcement-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 dzug holds 2018 annual result announcement-ayx爱游戏官网注册
dzug holds 2018 annual result announcement

on march 30, 2019, the company disclosed its annual report for 2018. in 2018, the company realized operating income of rmb4.941 billion and net profit of rmb478 million attributable to the owner of the parent company. at the same time, the board of directors of the company shall perform the responsibility of continuous dividend to shareholders, and propose the profit distribution plan based on the total share capital of 2,952,434,675 shares on december 31, 2018. the cash dividend of each 10 shares shall be rmb0.60 (tax included), and the dividend proportion shall reach 37.02%.

on april 10, 2019, the company held its 2018 annual result announcement at jw marriott hotel in hong kong. more than 40 institutional investors, fund managers and media reporters in hong kong attended the conference. zhao ruijun, deputy finance director of the company, introduced the performance of the company and its business data. liang jiawei, executive director and ceo, introduced the company. during the question and answer session, participating institutional investors, fund managers and journalists from hong kong media raised questions to the management about the development of the company's public utilities business and some of the problems it faced, the company's overseas layout plan, and the impact of the mainland's opening policy on the company. the management of the company answered all the questions.

at last, yang guoping, chairman of the board of directors, gave a speech to thank all the participants and he explained the development ideas of the company's gas sector and environment sector, and how to steadily expand main business overseas, the integrated development of the yangtze river delta and the opportunities and challenges brought to the company by the technology innovation board. chairman yang said, the global macroeconomic will face greater uncertainty in 2019, domestic economic growth down under the big background, thus the company will adhere to the development strategy of "simultaneous development of public utilities and financial investment", increasing public utilities business major projects investment proportion, continue to follow up the high quality project investment mergers and acquisitions opportunities, while completes the main business, innovation management idea and the management pattern, seize the opportunity, hard, hard work, solid work, take concrete actions to return for shareholders and society and excellent performance.