the chairman yang guoping was elected vice president of acef-ayx爱游戏官网注册

 the chairman yang guoping was elected vice president of acef-ayx爱游戏官网注册
the chairman yang guoping was elected vice president of acef

on the morning of march 26, 2019, the third all-china environment federation member congress was held in beijing. zhou tienong,vice chairman of the standing committee of the 11th national people's congress, the chinese environmental protection association of honorary president zhou tienong, all-china environment federation, deputy chairman, former vice chairman of the all-china federation of industry, sun xiaohua, deputy director of the ministry of civil affairs administration of social organizations is liao hong, association party building work of the central and state organs work committee, vice minister of tan qing de, ecological environment, deputy inspector wu huaimin, united nations environment programme representative tu rui and, commissioner of china folk organization international exchange association for the advancement of the international communication zhu jingfang, the iucn world conservation union representative zhu chunquan, zhang yonghong, secretary general of acef and other leading guests and over 400 member representatives attended the conference. the chinese society of environmental sciences and other organizations sent congratulatory letters to express warm congratulations on the opening of the conference

song jian, former state councilor and academician of the chinese academy of sciences, was elected honorary president for life of the acef. sun xiaohua was elected president of acef. yang guoping, chairman of the group, was elected vice president of acef .

acef is a non-profit national social organization established on a voluntary basis by persons, enterprises and institutions interested in environmental protection, with the approval of the state council of the people's republic of china, the registration of the ministry of civil affairs and the charge of the ministry of environmental protection. around the implementation of sustainable development strategy, around the realization of the goal of national environmental and development, around the protection of public and social environmental rights and interests, fully embodies the chinese association of environmental protection organizations "greater china, environment, and large joint advantages, play a role of bridge and the link between the government and society, promote the development of china's environmental cause, promote the progress of the human environment career.